Top 5 Audio Visual Trends to Watch in the Near Future

If you are tired on the present technologies accessible in the market, don’t stress, they are turning into the thing of past times and there are different new technologies that are prepared to take the spotlight. The audio, visual, technology industry is a continually developing industry where technology is always developing and turning out to be more effective for its purpose. In this article, I will exhibit my current main 5 trends in the audio visual industry.

Video wall

1. 4k screen technology as standard

4k screen technology, which initially showed up on the scene numerous years prior has now turned into a standard instead of a possibility for some stand designers and exhibitors. With right around four circumstances the determination of conventional HD, 4k often named ultra HD (UHD), and in addition 6k, will be the best way to show content all through presentations, meetings and occasions. In 2015, many service suppliers and media organizations made tracks in their speculation into ultra HD (UHD) content, with a formal “UHD Alliance,” of organizations like Samsung, Sony, LG, Disney, and Warner Bros. furthermore, Dolby. As a major aspect of our persistent interest in the most recent audio visual technology, we finished the year having redesigned the lion’s share of our screens to 4k keeping in mind the end goal to future-evidence our armada against such content developments.

2. Video Instead of Text

Videos are the new text, with regards to conveying and delivering on information. It is much less demanding and more enjoyable to not just present data as a video, additionally to absorb it. Particularly if done in an eye-catching and exciting way. Put resources into a decent videographer and editorial manager and you’ll most likely receive the benefits with how your customers. We additionally foresee an ascent popular for the services of substance and video partners, for example, our sister organization Smart Digital who empower brands to make financially savvy video content and communicate stages live while at their occasions, to be repurposed and reused at channels.

3. Going Digital

Gone are the days when simple printed design is all you have to advance and keep things interesting for your occasion. Presently, it’s about getting more intuitive and digital. You ought to know how and when to make utilization of video introductions and LED displays/signage, among numerous different types of digital setups and systems.

digitak graphics
4. Realtime information gathering

Audio visual technology is currently no longer static technology that is there only to view. Individuals are dependent on technology, glued to screens and accordingly, it ought to be through this medium that smart occasion experts are following and catching information. New applications, screen technology and financially effective content arrangements that can be incorporated with intelligent screens, tables and stands are all audio visual arrangements that can give input on success.

5 . Imaginative LED displays

Superior quality LED videowalls have additionally turned into another standard in content show however 2016 is the year where this kind of LED technology is going to be taken to another level of creativity. For the started, LED is comprised of modular tiles which fit together in an attractive or lockable show, to make videowalls of any size or shape. From the waved LED walls utilized as a part of activity for Emirates at the Dubai Airshow through to innovative edge 3D squares and that’s just the beginning, we’re eager to see where else this new LED technology takes us in 2017 and next years.