Smart Booths at Trade Shows

I have been pondering of how the advancement of audio will affect trade shows. This is a very interesting idea because everything we encounter is usually some sort of smart device. Imagine going to a convention or a trade show and having all of the booths you to be wired so that they know when someone enters and the audio and video go off accordingly. This is the future of trade shows and it is interesting to see where audio and video advancements will take us.

smart booths at trade shows

The first major thing to take into consideration is progress in audio visual industry. Audio engineers work day and night to produce the best possible sounding at the venue that require it. It can be a felicitous contrivance to build a trade show booth where the booth itself is a smart device. This is to mean, you can enter a booth, and the audio will go off because it has a detecter that activate an audio signal when someone goes inside a booth.

Another suggestion might be that you are given an iPad at one of these shows that is connected to each smart booth, and you can start an audio tour around the show. You can tell the iPad where you are and it can play a little script which will tell you a little bit about a company and what it does. A system where several smart booths are connected can become a future of trade shows. Exhibitors use ipad stands even now, for example ipad display stands and kiosks from Exhibe Portable, that can be very useful at exhibitions. For instance, they can provide visitors with information about company and its products, show picture gallery, examples of use and other information that is hard to place within a limited space of a display.

The same ideas and novelties can be implementing to video components of displays. Having smart booths you can do the connection wireless. You can set up your booth the way you want it, and simply press a few buttons on your smart phone to have the video projected to the monitors inside of your exhibit. This will relieve a lot of stress from you during the set up process and you don’t have to worry about trouble shooting any problems with the videos.

In the near future trade show booths can work this way as our technology advances and it make it easier for booths to become completely digital. Setting up audio and visuals at trade shows will be a struggle of the past as one will be able to completely download  all the video/audio content for the booth on laptops, and connect them to the booth itself, and the exhibit can project all the images onto the monitors and have the audio play from Bluetooth speakers.

New technology in exhibiting

As we see the future can bring more conveniences for both attendees and exhibitors with smart booths. New technology can help to speed up setting up a booth, make it more memorable and attention grabbing, lead visitors right to your display. And definitely as we go into the future, there will be less of a focus on wires, and more of a focus on smart technologies.